Support Coordination


Support Coordination includes: linking people to the right providers, assistance with sourcing providers, coordinating supports, building informal supports, resolving points of crisis, parental training, developing a person’s resilience, and connections within their own networks and community.


The NDIS has a three-tiered approach to funding coordination of supports:

  • Support Connection

Time limited assistance (e.g. 1 hour per week) to strengthen your ability to connect with informal, mainstream and funded supports, and to increase your capacity to maintain support relationships, resolve service delivery issues, and participate independently in NDIA processes.

  • Coordination of Supports

Assistance to strengthen your abilities to connect to and coordinate informal, mainstream and funded supports in a complex service delivery environment. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity and resilience in your network and coordinating supports from a range of sources e.g. behaviour support; speech therapy; occupational therapy; physiotherapy.

  • Specialist Support Coordination

The provision of Support Coordination within a specialist framework, necessitated by specific high level risks in a person’s situation. This support is time limited and focuses on addressing barriers and reducing complexity in the support environment, while assisting you to connect with supports and build capacity and resilience. It may also involve development of an intervention plan which will be put in place by disability support workers.

Four steps to hiring Glasswing Therapy as your Support Coordinator:

Step 1: Talk to your NDIA Planner and discuss what level of Coordination of Support you would like to include in your plan

Step 2: Once Support Coordination is included in your plan, your NDIA Planner will provide you with a referral form

Step 3: Complete your NDIA referral form and send to Glasswing Therapy

Step 4: We will contact you and arrange a time to meet to discuss your needs

Next steps after you have chosen Glasswing Therapy as you Support Coordinator:

Firstly, congratulations! You have chosen an expert provider who is committed to helping you get the most out of the NDIS.

We will contact you as soon as we receive your NDIS plan referral request for support coordination to help you get the most out of the NDIS.

We will then:

  • arrange a time to discuss your NDIA plan with you and other relevant stakeholders and service providers
  • personally meet with you to understand your goals and build a service agreement that will meets your needs
  • gather all the information we need to help you identify appropriate services and supports
  • liaise with other service providers linked to your plan to ensure they are help you meet and achieving your set goals