Support Coordination


Glasswing Therapy offer high-quality, flexible Support Coordination for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast regions.

We can help you achieve what is in your NDIS Plan if you are funded for Supports Coordination (or Coordination of Supports).

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Our support coordinator is independently contracted, which means your personal support coordinator will work for you, helping you to learn to do more yourself. You will also get help to find and hire the support workers you really want, and realise the potential of the NDIS.

We’re connected with a large network of services and organisations in the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast regions that can support you, broaden your network and realise your goals.

What we do

  • help you understand your NDIS Plan and the funds available
  • get the best value for money, creativity and flexibility from your Plan
  • track your plan and achieve what you said you wanted
  • action your plan with mentoring, motivation and direct assistance
  • ensure your support services are working well
  • seek creative solutions to have your support needs met
  • build your own support team

How we do it

We put you at the center of what we do and how we work. We identify your life goals and together design and plan a range of individually tailored supports and services.

Our NDIS Support Coordination service connects you to those networks and organisations in the community that will work with you to enable you to realise your goals.

Our goal is for you and your family to get the most out of life. And our support coordination service is in place to enable you to achieve it.

What exactly is NDIS Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is an NDIS funded support that is designed to support participants to make the most of their NDIS funds. Once a Plan has been approved, participants work with Support Coordinators to determine how their funds will be spent and to connect with providers. Support Coordination is about:

  • facilitating conversations with you about what is possible with your NDIS funds
  • building your capacity to exercise choice and control
  • supporting you to navigate the NDIS marketplace and find providers that are the best option for you

How much does Support Coordination cost?

Support Coordination is an additional funded item – and is not deducted from your direct supports. You must ask for and justify the need for Support Coordination in your NDIS assessment planning meeting, with the aim to be allocated a specific and separate budget for this service type.

For privately paying clients, we have just two set fees:

- $280 for the initial appointment, which includes 2 hours with a support coordinator + a detailed written plan to bring with you to your initial NDIS planning meeting. This is an investment to ensure you get the most out of your NDIS planning meeting.

- $120/hr for subsequent appointments.

There are four types of NDIS funded Support Coordination, each is priced accordingly:

Support Connection: $56.61 / hour
Assistance to strengthen participant’s abilities to coordinate supports & participate in the community. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity & resilience in a participant’s network & coordinating supports from a range of sources.

Coordination of Supports: $92.27 / hour
Further qualifications/experience required to strengthen a higher needs participant’s ability to coordinate their supports & participate in the community. This may include resolving points of crisis, & developing resilience in the participant’s network.

Specialist Support Coordination: $175.57
Time limited support coordination, within specialist framework necessitated by high risks in participant’s situation, to address barriers and reduce complexity in environment, assisting to connect with supports, build capacity and resilience. This is rarely funded: only in exceptional circumstances.

SDA Support Coordination: Price TBA
Specialised assistance for participant with high support needs or complex needs to find an Specialist Disability Accommodation dwelling.

How many hours of Support Coordination can I get?

NDIS participants can get anywhere between 10 hours to 200 hours per year for support coordination. As with all other supports, if participants go into the planning meeting with a very clear goal for how they will use their funded supports, the Planner will have a much easier time approving them.

Why do I need Support Coordination in my NDIS Plan?

Having Support Coordination in your plan means you have a CCNB team member to work with you to implement your plan and identify the range of services required to meet your needs.

A Support Coordinator can support you with things like:

  • getting involved in your local community by being a volunteer, joining a community group or participating in local events
  • learning new skills, such as art or connecting online and using computers – as a volunteer or through paid employment
  • maintaining your home the way you want with practical help such as preparing meals and house cleaning, or with help in the garden and basic house maintenance
  • getting personal care, to live well and feel good
  • exploring hobbies and interests
  • accessing services as required, 24 hours a day
  • finding useful community resources and helping you connect with other organisations and networks

What are the benefits of using Glasswing Therapy for Support Coordination?

The benefits of using a Glasswing Therapy Support Coordinator are:

  1. Having an expert working for you who has extensive and current knowledge of local services and the support system.
  2. Having an unbiased, independently subcontracted advisor who is intent on building your capacity for independence, provide better supports and help you get the most out of your NDIS Plan.

Free pre-planning for NDIS applicants

Glasswing Therapy provide a free pre-planning service for those who are applying for NDIS funding.

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